HaliMac Indoor Axe Throwing League Registration

Please use the form below to register for our next league! The cost for registration is $109.95 + Tax. The 2018 Fall League will start on Tuesday October 2 and lasts for 8 weeks! 4 matches per night and playoffs in week 8! Deadline to enroll is SEPT. 28!!!

Spots Left!

NameWinsLossesTotal ScoreAvg Per GameHigh Score
John Hughes262125252
Steven T-Rex 253138962
Michael Foley235117054
Jordan Toth20897945
Nathan Butler181099146
Derek Snow1711107254
Jamison Keddy171186748
Andrew Jenner161288048
Holly Rankin161293650
Stephanie Thompson161286251
Blair Brown1513108750
Steve Butler151385450
Marty Arsenault151385147
Danny Knox1315

Isaac Gerrits121681947
Tyler Turner91970546
Shandelle Warford62249641
Chantell Doherty42435825
Laura Knickle32543928
Dennis Wood12724220