HaliMac Indoor Axe Throwing League Registration

Please use the form below to register for our next league! The cost for registration is $109.95 + Tax. The 2018 Fall League will start on Tuesday October 2 and lasts for 8 weeks! 4 matches per night and playoffs in week 8! Deadline to enroll is SEPT. 28!!!

Spots Left!

NameWinsLossesTotal ScoreAvg Per GameHigh Score
Fred Ansems2171450
Steven T-Rex 2531411
Peter Marsters2351353
Michael Foley2261334
Brad Llewellyn2531309
Raymond Sacrey15131258
Holly Rankin1991250
George Marsh18101245
Jesse Hogeterp18101228
Guy Clark2261203
Blair Brown16121188
Jamison Keddy17111177
John Hughes18101112
Isaac Gerrits17111109
Paul MacInnis14141103
Derek Snow10181077
Dougal Armour8201075
Stephanie Thompson14141048
Davidee Campbell14141014
Marty Arsenault1711981
Kris Groover1018967
Danny Knox1113

Tyler Turner919947
Shandelle Warford919935
Connor Adams127863
Nathan Butler820858
Andrew Jenner721819
Steve Butler523729
Laura Knickle523726
Nick Hines1216695
Lee Baldwin424499
Dennis Wood325483
Riley Kitchin424452
Matt Winchester028376