HaliMac Indoor Axe Throwing League Registration

Please use the form below to register for our next league! The cost for registration is $109.95 + Tax. The summer league will start on July 10th and lasts for 8 weeks! 4 matches per night and playoffs in week 8! Deadline to enroll is JULY 5TH!!

Spots Left!

NameWinsLossesTotal ScoreAvg Per GameHigh Score
Jordan Toth4014445
Michael Foley4016248
Steven T-Rex 4019262
John Hughes4019750
Marty Arsenault3110338
Andrew Jenner3111833
Blair Brown3115942
Steve Butler3113441
Nathan Butler3112941
Jamison Keddy2211733
Isaac Gerrits2211938
Derek Snow2216954
Chantell Doherty134221
Tyler Turner137829
Stephanie Thompson1311741
Holly Rankin139243
Shandelle Warford138829
Laura Knickle047028
Dennis Wood042812
Danny Knox04